What is Creative Block about?

”When forced to work within a strict framework the imagination is taxed to its utmost – and will produce its richest ideas. Given total freedom the work is likely to sprawl.” – T.S. Eliot

Creativity is not so much a thought as it is a process, and Creative block is part and parcel of that creative process. Being able to breakthrough that block and come up with solutions is what creativity is all about. Creative block is extremely underrated concept within the creative framework and it is an essential tool to come up with the most innovative ideas. It is all about taking a negative and turning it into a positive. This is where creative block can be seen as aiding creativity, it forces you to stop and think of a new, better and out the box alternative to solve the problem at hand. That is where the magic lies, and the best ideas are born.

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What work do we do?


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Featured Student in Design Times Young Creative Showcase
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Graduated with 81% in Multimedia Design & Won a Creative Pencil for excellence in Multimedia Design
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Featured Student in Bizcommunity, "Behind the Selfie" Feature
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Represented Vega at the 2015 Loeries Student Portfolio Evening
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Best Digital Student Finalist in the 2016 IAB Bookmark Awards
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2 X Fresh Cream Awards for excellence in Multimedia Design






Cape Town, South Africa